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how about you
hello i feel
lost in paper floating
from skylines repeating
horizons all-knowing
maybe some things
you never forget
but im already over you
how about you
im nothing
its okay that way
some of us have to play the game
of nothing
live our lives hung up
ruined before the game even begins
i will rule the world
in another life
perhaps i already did
perhaps my soul is tired
paint everything around you
to make it more you
i won't judge it does not matter
nothing matters but expression
what are you so afraid of
if its no good its just some something
throw it away or burn it
it is of little consequence
i dont even like my voice
my name my body my breath
its all such mediocrity
born of mediocrity
but i want to try
i make the perfect song
and no one likes it but me
i write the perfect verse
and its just not their thing
im tired and want to sleep
i think there's
nothing in me
i think there is
nothing to give
or believe
but still
i live
i think there's
nothing for me
and i don't
think i ca
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my word when your man is away
one and only one, that's it, for now
cover me up with scabs and hope i disappear
in so few words delete me
i am spacebait
i teeter and crash
it's all i know and it's life no less
she was waiting for me to steal her heart
but somebody else did
they always do
i am a child with playthings
sometimes she'd let me touch her in places
but she was more a mother/sister figure
budging me along because i won't decide
my only real decision is nothing
i am spacebait and she likes to watch me float
outside her rounded window
glinting below the sun
if you must judge me, judge me now
i'll only teach you truth
and pain
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Pretending to care
feel as though being drug to the back of the bus
and thrown out the back door
feel as tired as broken as aching as leftover as vomit
and now we crawl back inside and wait to die
maybe I’ve made my mind up
maybe I have not
you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time
sometimes I wonder if you’re the worst
I love you despite it all
my mind is open
my mind is broken wide open
please come in
see how far you can see with me
the space inside is wide
and I can’t stop thinking
where you’ve left me
care as much or as little as you need
please don’t hide
please just don’t pretend
feel as though being drug to the back of the bus
and being forced to sit
I just need a friend sometimes
I’m sorry it had to be you
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Watch Your Fall
i never drove a hundred-thousand miles
but i finished the journey for someone else
maybe now this horse can rest
here in the middle of the desert at sunset
nevada never looked so small
and time turns a key to new hope
never felt so open
i never drove a million miles or more
but i'll drive across the sea if it's what we need
a love almost hopeless if not for love
no matter what i do i sit and i wait and i hate every second
i was born to love can't you see
and i'll take the stake in heart
for bleeding-heart poet if needed
but define at your own discretion
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This Feat less than Faith
and how real can it feel
just how good can it get
for the first time
in forever
love is the end to our means
what can bring us together despite the distance
what can be at the end of this road beside heartache
i think i see now and i want to take that chance
hold yourself under this fading limelight
and let me watch you ballerina through the music box
i need you too much
cooler heads will prevail...
and the end again
i will long, dissolving, straight through the glass
i will long, disrupted, straight through all aeons
and i will float, distilled
brooding thinking longing so disturbed
stop before you reach the last step
and keep an eye out for me
i will always see you
:iconvalmurah:valmurah 1 0
Points on the Curve
you'll never trust me with your heart
and i can't blame you, the lies are true
if only we could shake it off like so much dust
in last winter's sigh
these dirty fingernails won't cut themself
and you're gone
so my heart goes out to myself
and how it feels to grasp the final snowflake
and feel it melt, my snowball in hell
i want the hell out
i taste your pollen and cringe
but i can't ever let go
not quite honey but it's death enough
to know the ring around, back to rebirth
and every once in awhile the dust gathers
around the films of my eyes as i stare to the sky
and kid myself
you're gone
but you're coming back
i am not the victim
i am not the predator
but still you see me
as some kind of threat
what can i do to allay your fears
what can i do to tear away the web
and force you to see
this is real and it's all we've got
so don't let it go
don't force me out and think i'll just keep moving
life goes on but i won't budge for a sandstorm
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Love is dead
sometimes you just need a word with yourself
sometimes you just need to take a break
and rearrange some cells, apply back-up
and tell her she'll never be the one
and she'll cry a bit then go on
(but maybe she didn't cry
maybe she didn't go on)
sometime i'll take a ride down the country
and go get lost in some random cornfield
and wonder about all the places you'd go
without me
all the nowheres i go with or without you
but right now i'm stuck in the mud and why can't i just lie here and cry
because that's not what men do
and i'm a child lost and angry
everything has changed for the worst
but a simple girl like her won't do either
some damn day i'm going to meet your gaze
straight down that flat horizon
and i will walk, then i will run but never reach you
still the chase will never faze me
because all i see is you staring straight ahead
fixed gaze, worrying, never looking back
never looking down at me and the sun
as you fade with the oncoming night
can you still see me
have you ever real
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Batman / Nightwing by valmurah Batman / Nightwing :iconvalmurah:valmurah 2 1 Batman by valmurah Batman :iconvalmurah:valmurah 1 0
In So Much
forget your purpose and your calling
I am an island unto myself
and forever growing the deepest maw
tumor in the backside of american dream
I may be nothing but fear and pain
and all those things that bring the rain from sky valley
but this I know
dig deep from the earth
move from one hole to another
and watch her through the one-way window
forgetting the one fundamental flaw
she’s just built differently than you are
perhaps it is time for this
no more disconnection
no more vaulted brain-waves
culled from past regard
and for the nightly call
this is all I know
of nothing
and for the past recall
girlchild aglow
tempting touching
burning bright
the mollusks pass me
and now I know something must be coming
the sea is quiet, have I landed
in the eye of the storm
too many tropes, too many by-lines
and I’m no longer sorry
and I no longer regret having loved
or having known what it may have meant to be
distanced from all that surrounds me
in so long my nerves racked beyond belief
:iconvalmurah:valmurah 1 0
Some men just want to watch the world burn
if all we do is create
then why even hesitate
if worse comes to worst
just snuff it out with a coat of paint
the skyscrapers razing in the skyline
hold it down and fill it
don’t forget we started out with only clay
if all you do is destroy
then get a new hobby
I won’t be a party to ashes and flame
what’s left when everything’s dead
just you and your hate
take my tears and that’s not merely all
if all you do is misunderstand
then let me try my best to change that
the saddest world of all begins
where you and only you can look within
deep down there is no peace at all
take my pity and use it against me
take my sanity and that’s not nearly all
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Death is not a man
i can't sleep
the skylights are blinding
they'll never find me
because i've never felt so free
in all my time
could it be because of you
could it be
because i'm afraid that death's approaching
too quickly this time
i drag myself out of bed
put on my jacket and leave the house
it's cold but it could be colder
and there's nothing beautiful here
while you're gone
the trees and their tall shadows
hide me as i cross the boulevard
and at the end i see a pair of eyes
nothing more
and then they're gone
i go to the park and sit at the bench
and stare at the stars and see
sisyphus and hera and cupid
falling, fading to void
as i fade myself
it's much later when i'm woken
twilight perhaps, the darkest night
and a black figure creeps across the park
past the swingset and sits on the crooked stump
clear across from me
and i just sit and watch what i think is...
a young girl
she's crying
then i see her eyes
is it the moon's reflection
they are the one and the same
and suddenly i know her
and in some
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This is Circumstance
said some things I can’t forget
said some things I can’t take back
it’s all for the better yet
I am crowding my thoughts into one room
where the old man creaks in his rocking chair
and he’s smiling so broadly so deeply
so genuine
I think I’m jealous
but I can’t help but smile back at the same time
this is the road I chose
and there’s no need to question it
and she tells me to travel off the beaten path just a bit
or grow up and start acting like everyone else
easy bits of conversation squeezing through gritted teeth
is this the best I can do
is this the best I can give to you
but you’re a dozen light years in the other direction
and even if I was standing right next to you
even if I was
you wanted so badly to see yourself in me
but all my soul could show was a philistine
your breath wraps around me, engulfs me
swallows me whole
I can’t help but disengage
pull the plug, blacking out
now I’m on the roof, now I’m
:iconvalmurah:valmurah 0 0
strange reflections in the car door mirror
is it the truth in drag or a better future
i've longed for too long on change
but never reached out and made it for us
i must be the gatherer
the fire itself with every breath
she cuts her hair short saying she no longer needs it
the day will come now that we will see the perfection
of our souls within and among the aether
don't wait, don't long, just know it's coming
and nothing matters but the love we make
the infinite cliche
welcome back
the mother grins
wraps her arms around us
and we become one
no anxiety, no fear
no worry in sight
just the sound of our minds blown
but it feels so right at the same time
puzzle pieces falling
key grooves clicking
in all soluble life
:iconvalmurah:valmurah 1 0
Long Turning Spiral
is there meaning
is there too much
i've gone in and out of the sun
grabbed a handful of the molten core
and watched it solidify in cold space
is this the place where worlds collide
in my mind and all space and time
how many hearts laid to rest
how many outcomes played out infinite
there is nothing more than this right now
you and i and the particle clouds engulfing
what's it really matter
i've been stuck down there long enough
i've been a victim of gravity and old, tired expectations
of a toothless, strict talking head (who says nothing)
and as long as there's love there will be will
and our race to the stars will go on
and on
this is what really matters
you and i spiraling with no words
you mouth them out slowly
but they are movements and nothing more
how i wish i could tell you
how little they matter
how little i wonder your love for me
and my love for you
:iconvalmurah:valmurah 2 0

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